Welcome to Tritris! Use the pieces to fill as many lines as possible before the game gets too fast and you top out!

How to Play


Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Press down to soft drop. Use Z and X to rotate. Press enter to pause/unpause.


The mechanics are very similar to NES Tetris. It uses the same DAS, entry delay, and level speed timings. All of the pieces are made out of 3 connected right triangles. There is also a white, single triangle piece which can be used to fix holes in your stack. It will always come out 3 at a time. The single triangle is also special, lines will only be cleared once they have all been placed. This allows you to fill 3 lines to score a Tritris!


One of the most unique mechanics of Tritris is phasing. A piece will always move to the next location as long as the next location is valid (no intersecting triangles). By moving a piece in multiple ways at the same time, pieces are able to do many types of tucks and spins. Below are a few examples.

The pieces are able to easily move down into an empty space.
For the bottom right triangle, down and X (rotate) are pressed simultaneously. Once all 3 triangles are placed, the line clears.
Left or right are held when the piece is above the desired position, and when the piece moves down, it also moves horizontally.
Here are a few examples of some phases!


In Tritris, clearing 4 lines at a time is not possible, so the highest score value is obtained from 3 lines at a time, a Tritris. This can only be achieved by settings up 3 rows, each missing only one triangle, then placing a single triangle in each row. Once all triangles are placed, the rows clear and a Tritris is scored! A triple is equivalent to a Tetris in NES Tetris, a double is equivalent to a triple, and a single is equivalent to a double.

A Tritris is scored!

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