Please read! 

Use the windows version!

Make sure the game is full screen! If your monitor size/ratio is off, you might not be able to see some of the stars, and therefore won't be able to complete the game!
The sound may also take a little while to load (at least it did for me), so that is why it might be silent.
The web and mac versions are slightly outdated, I wasn't able to upload them in time, but the Windows version is updated.

Your goal is to defend against asteroids with your shield and collect stars as quickly as possible! You must block the asteroids (the smaller rocks) from hitting you with your shield (controlled by the mouse), while navigating around the space rocks and collecting the stars.

The only catch is that you can only move in one direction! Each time you click, the player will move to where the crosshair was, making it an extra challenge to collect everything as quickly as possible!

Your health is indicated by the color of your ship! (Green - 3 lives, Yellow - 2 lives, Red - Last life!)

If you are skilled enough to perfectly aim towards the same star twice in a row, you will teleport to that star!

As this was made for the speedrun jam, the player has many choices! Do you sacrifice some time by right clicking and perfectly aiming to try to get a super jump and save more time? What is the best route for each level? Should you write a traveling sales person algorithm to calculate the most optimal route? Would it take longer to write the program than to just slowly move?


  • Left Click - Move towards the crosshair
  • Right click - Freeze the crosshair for better accuracy
  • Move mouse - Aim shield to defend from asteroids flying at you
  • R - Restart (only on windows)


Art from Kenney: 
Sound Effects:


Download 21 MB
Download 16 MB

Install instructions

Please use the windows version.


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Definitely a unique control scheme, it's satisfying when you get the hang of it. I don't have Windows, but it worked fine on Mac.

Thanks so much for playing! It still works on Mac/Web, there is just an issue where the music doesn't loop, and there is no way to restart.